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I've just completed your Opioid Stewardship series of modules on Meducate and want to congratulate you on this initiative. I think you capture essential clinical matters for GP's very well and highlight resources available. I think the Workbook with its inclusive answers and references is excellent.

Dr Andrew Horwood

Though some sessions seem to be specifically targeted at GPs, I have found the sessions currently created by Meducate to be highly relevant and easy to complete. They have been valuable and added to my knowledge base in my industry (Mental Health). The additional resources are easy to follow and I will be able to add them to my CPD once I finish the workbooks.

Samantha Scott
I would like to commend you for this excellent website and the valuable educational resources upon it. I do a bit of AOD medicine and I find the contents of this website topical, highly informative, evidence based and easy to integrate into my everyday practice. It is a valuable tool in my 'war chest' and I find an easy way of staying up to date with new information and evidence in the AOD sphere.

Dr Thileepan Naren
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Top Articles
14 Apr 2019
Further to a literature review carried out by Austin Health the following list of medications were identified as being associated with a high risk of misuse and or an elevated risk of death.
25 Feb 2019
In due course I would imagine that the gabapentinoids (gabapentin and pregabalin), tramadol and Tapentadol would be considered for monitoring, but these drugs have not yet made it onto the watchlist.
29 Jan 2019
A patient who normally saw Dr…came to me. She needed more of her fentanyl patch. She needed high dose opioids for her right elbow pain. These drugs were the only thing that kept the pain away, and she worked as a hairdresser, so she needed these patches and her other meds to stay in work. “I normally see Dr…This will be quick, I just need a prescription.”
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Meducate ® provides online education for doctors, clinicians, health professionals and the public.

We achieve this by combining the skills of our educators and founders in medical education and digital media to produce bespoke training packages that exceed expectations.

We believe the critical limitations to the current way that medical education services are delivered is a lack of readily available and appropriate training. Meducate was established to bridge that gap and provide ongoing, easily accessible courses, eliminating the need to attend weekend seminars or travel long distances.

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Our Team

Dr Ferghal Armstrong is a general practitioner, Addiction Medicine Specialist - FAChAM & MATOD trainer.
He has been practicing for 16 years and holds qualifications in the fields of addiction medicine, dermatology, skin cancer treatment, occupational medicine, obstetrics and gynaecology and paediatrics.

Dr. Ferghal Armstrong
Co Founder & CEO
Tony is a broadcast professional and business leader with more than 35 years of experience in media production, Tony also works alongside medical experts to produce high-quality training videos for Meducate.
Tony Laughton
Co Founder and CTO
Pene is a pharmacist and pharmacy lecturer who has been practicing for 20 years in community pharmacy and recently in Aboriginal health and community health. Her interests include opioid dependence and pain management and recovery. As part of the Pain Revolution, she educates in the science behind pain.
Pene Wood
Pharmacist / Lecturer
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