21 Oct 2021
Dr Ferghal and I explore the famous DASH diet. This diet was developed in the 90s looking at the effects of a diet high in Calcium, Potassium and Magnesium and low Sodium levels on blood pressure. This ultimately translates to eating an abundance of fruits and vegetables with small amounts saturated and dietary fat.
15 Oct 2021
“A diet as good as the famous statins?” This week, Dr Ferghal and I explore the ‘Portfolio Diet’; known for its effectiveness in lowering LDL i.e. ‘bad cholesterol’. This diet is said to be as effective as Lovastatin, which is a cholesterol lowering medication!
8 Oct 2021
The Mediterranean diet is proven to reduce all cause mortality. It reduces the mortality associated with heart disease, metabolic syndrome, Diabetes, Cancer and improves longevity and quality of life.
1 Oct 2021
Dr Saveena talks about the tools to use when choosing a diet and what a weight loss plateau is. Over the upcoming episodes, we will be reviewing the various diets that are out there from a medical perspective. This episode is to introduce how beneficial diets can be to our lives when chosen correctly.
24 Sep 2021
Exercise not only improves our well-being as we get older, but it can also potentially reduce our biological age by 8.8 years!
17 Sep 2021
Many of us are time poor due to the various responsibilities and pressures we face these days. As a result, despite the awareness that exercise is tremendously beneficial for our health, it seems to be put on the backburner more often than not. This is the reality most of us face but, there is a possible way out of this- the 4 minute Tabata style workout.
10 Sep 2021
Exercise & preventingcardiometabolic diseases
3 Sep 2021
“There is a pill for every Ill”? Well, have you considered the exercise pill?
27 Aug 2021
The Australian government recommends that we engage in at least 150 minutes of moderately intense aerobic exercise per week.
18 Aug 2021
Sleep Phase Disorder
15 Aug 2021
The skin is the largest organ of the body and serves to protect us from the external environment. But we need to look after it.
11 Aug 2021
COLTE What does it mean And why it Matters
8 Aug 2021
So what is health promotion, how do we maintain our health, and what can we do to overcome barriers to enjoying good health
1 Aug 2021
This therapy does not dwell on the past, but rather works on the premise that the future is negotiable. By knowing the patient and by asking the miracle question the therapist can unlock a patient’s recovery potential.
28 Jul 2021
When we eat we ingest carbohydrates, proteins and fats, these are broken down by the digestive system into glucose, amino acids and triglycerides. These substances are then absorbed by the body. Therefore, In the fed state our bodies are full of sugar that needs to go somewhere.
13 Jul 2021
TCP can be conceptualised as a half-way house between acute care and being able to manage safely at home.
9 Jul 2021
Have you ever wondered what maybe going on every time one of your students voices their need to visit ‘the sick bay’…? Or perhaps you are curious about how often you do the roll call only to notice one (or perhaps a couple of your students) are continually absent from school….Today I would like to lift the veil on the complex interplay known as ‘school refusal’, which affects up to around 2% of school populations.
5 Jul 2021
What does it mean in practice? I think of lifestyle medicine as the management of chronic diseases within a socio-psycho-bio-medical framework that incorporates the three Fs and the three Ss. .
21 Jun 2021
Binge eating disorder was a diagnosis formulated in the Diagnostic Statistical Manual, 5th edition (DSM5) and represents a step forward towards the formal recognition of food addiction.
8 Jun 2021
Two Servings of Fruit per Day Keeps Diabetes at Bay