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13 Jul 2021
TCP can be conceptualised as a half-way house between acute care and being able to manage safely at home.
9 Jul 2021
Have you ever wondered what maybe going on every time one of your students voices their need to visit ‘the sick bay’…? Or perhaps you are curious about how often you do the roll call only to notice one (or perhaps a couple of your students) are continually absent from school….Today I would like to lift the veil on the complex interplay known as ‘school refusal’, which affects up to around 2% of school populations.
5 Jul 2021
What does it mean in practice? I think of lifestyle medicine as the management of chronic diseases within a socio-psycho-bio-medical framework that incorporates the three Fs and the three Ss. .
21 Jun 2021
Binge eating disorder was a diagnosis formulated in the Diagnostic Statistical Manual, 5th edition (DSM5) and represents a step forward towards the formal recognition of food addiction.
8 Jun 2021
Two Servings of Fruit per Day Keeps Diabetes at Bay