21 Oct 2021
Dr Ferghal and I explore the famous DASH diet. This diet was developed in the 90s looking at the effects of a diet high in Calcium, Potassium and Magnesium and low Sodium levels on blood pressure. This ultimately translates to eating an abundance of fruits and vegetables with small amounts saturated and dietary fat.
20 Oct 2021
The difference between dependence and addiction, the intricacies of addiction and providing a definition of opioid use disorder
15 Oct 2021
“A diet as good as the famous statins?” This week, Dr Ferghal and I explore the ‘Portfolio Diet’; known for its effectiveness in lowering LDL i.e. ‘bad cholesterol’. This diet is said to be as effective as Lovastatin, which is a cholesterol lowering medication!
14 Oct 2021
Legacy patients on high dose opioids or on combination hypno-sedatives including the combination of opioids and benzodiazepines are at an elevated risk of death. The OPQRST mnemonic can be used to conceptualise the strategies that help to mitigate legacy patients’ risk of death and to trend them towards a position of safer prescribing.
13 Oct 2021
The impact that COVID has had on elderly vulnerable patients and the important role that vaccination has in preventing serious illness
8 Oct 2021
The Mediterranean diet is proven to reduce all cause mortality. It reduces the mortality associated with heart disease, metabolic syndrome, Diabetes, Cancer and improves longevity and quality of life.
7 Oct 2021
An introduction to opioids, how they work what receptors they act upon and some of the harms associated with opioids
1 Oct 2021
Dr Saveena talks about the tools to use when choosing a diet and what a weight loss plateau is. Over the upcoming episodes, we will be reviewing the various diets that are out there from a medical perspective. This episode is to introduce how beneficial diets can be to our lives when chosen correctly.
30 Sep 2021
Alcohol use disorder is a common, well known but at the same time large and mystifying field. It can sometimes appear confusing how to manage patient with alcohol use disorder given it’s chronic relapsing and remitting nature.
24 Sep 2021
Exercise not only improves our well-being as we get older, but it can also potentially reduce our biological age by 8.8 years!
23 Sep 2021
Managing alcohol use disorder requires several interventions to ensure success. One of the most effective tools that best predicts against relapse prevention are behavioural interventions.
19 Sep 2021
The question is often asked, why do I need to come off benzodiazepines. Well firstly they are harmful, and secondly, they impair engagement with psychosocial interventions. The harms of benzodiazepine use include respiratory depression, accidental overdose and unfortunately in extreme cases death.
17 Sep 2021
Many of us are time poor due to the various responsibilities and pressures we face these days. As a result, despite the awareness that exercise is tremendously beneficial for our health, it seems to be put on the backburner more often than not. This is the reality most of us face but, there is a possible way out of this- the 4 minute Tabata style workout.
16 Sep 2021
The aim of anti-craving medications in alcohol use disorder is to prevent relapse or decrease cravings for alcohol. They are typically prescribed for relapse prevention once acute alcohol withdrawal is over and the best evidence favours the co-prescribing of anti-craving medications with behavioural modification therapies.
26 Sep 2021
I chat with DR Andrew Rees about a particularly challenging case of a military veteran in his fifties who ahs been a victim of both a traumatic abusive childhood and combat trauma.
9 Sep 2021
Residential withdrawal management is about managing potentially high-risk patient who may be at risk of significant complications during their alcohol withdrawal in a safe, humane and holistic manner.
10 Sep 2021
Exercise & preventingcardiometabolic diseases
3 Sep 2021
“There is a pill for every Ill”? Well, have you considered the exercise pill?
2 Sep 2021
The safe management of alcohol withdrawal is a fundamental skill that medical practitioners should be aware to perform. It is a protocol driven management and needs to be to ensure patient safety.
28 Aug 2021
Alcohol is a common and ubiquitous part of our lives. It is widely consumed, portrayed and advertised in the media and consuming alcohol is an acceptable part of adult life
Dr Ferghal Armstrong
Dr Thileepan Naren
Dr Saveena Nithiananthan