Frequently asked questions
What is Meducate?

Meducate is a private company born of a passion for medical education fit for the 21st century. We believe that digital online education democratises access to learning.

We also deliver bespoke training packages designed to accommodate medical professionals' busy schedules with accessible, online continuing education courses that eliminate the need to travel long distances to attend training seminars.

Who are the creators of Meducate?

Dr Ferghal Armstong is an addiction medicine specialist and general practitioner. 

Tony Laughton is a broadcast producer and editor with international experience across many areas of production. Tony provides the technical expertise and production know-how at Meducate.

Why are you offering online courses?
Why give up valuable time away from your practice to attend long training seminars in distant locations when you can complete your CE training in the comfort of your own home or office? As the pioneer in tech-based medical training programs for professionals in the healthcare field, Meducate provides revolutionary solutions to doctors' needs with the highest quality, web-based training videos.
Why are some courses free while others require payment?
Longer courses require a huge amount of research and production time. As a private company, this is how we fund the ongoing development of courses and programs.
How do I sign up to your courses?
That's an easy one.  Choose a course, click on the button and get access.
I never received a confirmation email after signing up
This may be due to a mistyped email address or our email may have been flagged as spam. If you still can't find the email. please contacts us at [email protected]
How do I cancel my membership?
The majority of courses are free or non expiring, but if you would like to be deleted from our system, please email [email protected]
I forgot my username and password
Simply click the Forgot Password link below the login button once you are on the members login page. Enter your email and you will be sent information to get you connected again.
Can I download the courses onto my computer?

The short answer is no. However, we do provide downloadable pdfs with our longer courses.  Once signed up for a course, you have unlimited access on both desktop and our mobile app.

Our mobile app does allow downloading for offline viewing on the app.

Can I watch your courses on my laptop, smartphone or tablet device?

You sure can. Just connect to our site or you can use our mobile app which is available on IOS and Android.

This may make it easier for you to take courses on the go.


The process you need to follow is very simple. Here are the steps
+ Download the app and open it
+ Click on +Add New
+ In the pop up: Insert the username (email) and the password you used to login to your members area and add the code meducate

What if I don’t like the paid courses? Can I request a refund?
You have 7 days for a full refund. Please contact us by email [email protected] and let us know.
What Our Students Are Saying..
I've just completed your Opioid Stewardship series of modules on Meducate and want to congratulate you on this initiative. I think you capture essential clinical matters for GP's very well and highlight resources available. I think the Workbook with its inclusive answers and references is excellent.

Dr Andrew Horwood
Though some sessions seem to be specifically targeted at GPs, I have found the sessions currently created by Meducate to be highly relevant and easy to complete. They have been valuable and added to my knowledge base in my industry (Mental Health). The additional resources are easy to follow and I will be able to add them to my CPD once I finish the workbooks.

Samantha Scott
I would like to commend you for this excellent website and the valuable educational resources upon it. I do a bit of AOD medicine and I find the contents of this website topical, highly informative, evidence based and easy to integrate into my everyday practice. It is a valuable tool in my 'war chest' and I find an easy way of staying up to date with new information and evidence in the AOD sphere.

Dr Thileepan Naren
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