19 Sep 2021
The question is often asked, why do I need to come off benzodiazepines. Well firstly they are harmful, and secondly, they impair engagement with psychosocial interventions. The harms of benzodiazepine use include respiratory depression, accidental overdose and unfortunately in extreme cases death.
26 Sep 2021
I chat with DR Andrew Rees about a particularly challenging case of a military veteran in his fifties who ahs been a victim of both a traumatic abusive childhood and combat trauma.
22 Aug 2021
Zoe Lance and I discuss the strategies that can be put in place to help people cope with the complexities of medication safety and medication administration
4 May 2021
The recently aired Addicted Australia documentary series on SBS provoked a lot of discussion amongst my colleagues on how we as general practitioners and society as a whole treats people with substance use disorders.
15 Apr 2019
Further to a literature review carried out by Austin Health the following list of medications were identified as being associated with a high risk of misuse and or an elevated risk of death.
26 Feb 2019
In due course I would imagine that the gabapentinoids (gabapentin and pregabalin), tramadol and Tapentadol would be considered for monitoring, but these drugs have not yet made it onto the watchlist.
30 Jan 2019
A patient who normally saw Dr…came to me. She needed more of her fentanyl patch. She needed high dose opioids for her right elbow pain. These drugs were the only thing that kept the pain away, and she worked as a hairdresser, so she needed these patches and her other meds to stay in work. “I normally see Dr…This will be quick, I just need a prescription.”
19 Jan 2019
She breezed in and said to me that phrase that I dread. “I normally see Dr…This will be quick, I just need a prescription.”
25 Dec 2018
She breezed in and said to me that phrase that I dread. “I normally see Dr…This will be quick, I just need a prescription.”
15 Dec 2018
I have just started using SafeScript. This is the Victorian Department of Health's response to the current prescription opioid crisis.
8 Dec 2018
More people died last year from prescription drug misuse than did on the roads in Victoria. We as doctors are killing our patients with our prescriptions. Prescription opioids play a big part in this mortality. Most clinically used opioids are full mu opioid receptor agonists.
30 Nov 2018
You’ve decided to start prescribing MATOD. You’ve decided to start prescribing either Suboxone or methadone. Great. Very soon you will develop a following of patients who will become dependent on your prescription, your signature and perhaps most importantly, you.
22 Nov 2018
Patients suffering from chronic non-cancer pain who are on doses of opioid analgesics that exceed the equivalent of morphine 100 mg daily are potentially seven times more likely to die than those not taking opioids to manage their pain.
18 Nov 2018
Most patients with substance use disorder are grateful for the help that I give them. I would challenge anyone to spot the “druggy” sitting in my waiting room.
16 Oct 2018
People often ask me why I do addiction medicine, why do I want drug addicts at my practice. Let me now tell you why.