This Course Deals with How to Manage a Red Flag in SafeScript

When confronted by a red flag in SafeScript clinicians may initially feel overwhelmed. The temptation might be to discharge the patient in question from one’s care on the grounds that the patient is too complex.

SafeScript was not developed to trigger the abandonment of patients, but rather it was designed to provide a clinical tool that can inform future prescribing and management of sometimes complex patients.

If a clinician sees a patient who has a red flag on SafeScript it behooves the clinician to carry out the following steps

A)    Perform a risk assessment
B)     Identify and address barriers to change that the patient may demonstrate
C)     Develop a personalized harm minimization program
D)    Develop a new therapeutic alliance

This course on “How to Manage a Red Flag” explores these themes in greater detail and is broken into easy-to-digest modules along with a downloadable workbook.

The Modules are as follows
01 What is SafeScript
02 How does SafeScript Work?
03 What is Monitored?
04 Diagnostic Implications
05 Immediate Next Steps
06 Barriers to Change
07 The New Treatment Contract
08 Harm Minimisation
09 Suboxone
10 Resources
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